Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of

Requests Query Country City Region
8 VE Charallave M
2 VE Valencia G
3 VE Caracas A
4 VE Barquisimeto K
7 VE San Joaquín G
6 VE Caracas A
2 VE Caracas A
3 VE Caracas A
2 VE Valencia G
4 VE Maracaibo V
12 VE Los Guayos G
2 VE Ciudad Ojeda V
13 VE Cagua D
4 VE San Felipe U
4 VE Villa de Cura D
9 VE Caracas A
7 VE Maracaibo V
2 VE Caracas A
8 VE Cabimas V
10 VE Agua Viva K

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